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My name is Sophie. I am 18 years old. I enjoy a world where bright colours amaze me and spirals surround me. Feeling incredibly happy is the best feeling in the world. Fucking Kawaii ♥

거짓말 (Lies)_BIGBANG


I’m still alive I’m still alive I’m still aliveIt may seem like I’m dying but I won’t dieI won’t avoid the eyes of others and hideI may be obviously falling till the end but I’m aliveBut I have nothing more to lose so I put the past behind me and jump outMy deeply falling self is so beautiful right nowI throw myself to the sky and I am freeAt this moment, I am alive, I’m still aliveI’m still alive I’m still alive I’m still aliveI’m livin’ that I’m livin’ that good lifeI’m still alive I’m still alive I’m still aliveWe livin’ that we livin’ that’ good life
translated by pop!gasa

Tablo - Bad (나쁘다)

눈을 감아도(도) 우릴 비추던 빛이 아직도(도) 그대로 있어 소중했던 시간들 난 깊이 간직하겠어 많은 시간 속(속) 아픔이 와도 영원을 약속(속) 했던 나날들 그 순간만큼 끝토록 절대 잊지 않겠어 I Remember ~
Can I stop suffering now?
Can I stop fearing now?
Can I laugh just as much as I cried?
Get up and stand up
—Tablo - 고마운 숨 (feat. 얀키, 봉태규)


Snatch all goodness.
Demand righteousness.
Mark for a straight line with a bent ruler.
Tell him to run when it’s walls all around.

Tablo - The Tide

There will be no chance that I can forget you,
Baby please don’t fade away,
You won’t erase all day,
Want you to stay,
Because it makes me this sad, I know it’s late
Her existence which I had to keep,
I want you to stay, want you to stay
—Big Bang “Stay”  (via twinkle-chocolate-star)