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My name is Sophie. I am 18 years old. I enjoy a world where bright colours amaze me and spirals surround me. Feeling incredibly happy is the best feeling in the world. Fucking Kawaii ♥
I get bored so easily these days, nothing is interesting and it’s hard to focus on one task for a long time.. What is going on?!
I procrastinate from doing revision so much, it scares me how close exams are 😭
Beautiful day for a leather jacket ☺️
Detox water tastes amazing 🍏🍓🍋
500 beautiful days together ❤️
I look so tired ~ owell 😴
Everything is going to be okay 💕
Messing up Wills room with all my stuff ☺️
Love my plug collection 💕
Plug collection ♡
I love my toms 💕
'Being someone else is a waste of the person to I are'~💕
🎀 I’m so lazy