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My name is Sophie. I am 18 years old. I enjoy a world where bright colours amaze me and spirals surround me. Feeling incredibly happy is the best feeling in the world. Fucking Kawaii ♥
My life is too boring for insta 😭 tried out a middle-ish parting the other day, kinda liked it but this photo makes me look like a doll 🙈
I’m glad this week is over ❤️
Red lip 😘
Peaceful train journeys back to uni 🚂
Went to Thorpe park for my burfday… Being 20 isn’t so bad 🙈
Lingering kiss 😘
After many hours driving, many failed tests, many tears… I’ve finally passed! 😄
After many hours of driving, many failed tests, many tears … I’ve finally passed 😄
Follow @pxrxdoxon 💕
Coffee everyday ☕️
Words cannot describe how happy I am 😍
Uhuh hunny
These brushes tho 😍
Yum 🍔
Naked 🙈